Sunday, 20 August 2017

Character substitution

My tastes in film run to the fantastical.  And when those types of movies turn epic, with aliens invading or asteroids on a collision course or a zombie plague spreading, the plot visits the White House.  Well, these movies are often made in the USA and, arguably, a lead responder to a global threat would be the White House.

Even in less fantastic movies, where the international danger is rooted in reality, if no actual protagonists are in the government, there will still be scenes informing the audience with how the White House is reacting.

In the last few months, I’ve rewatched some old favourites.  When the President is briefed on the Bad Thing, when a table of uniforms and top people assemble for strategy, when the nuclear option is considered, these films and shows are giving me a new level of horror and chills.  I’m swapping out the characters and replacing them with President Drumpf and his Capering Gang of Incompetents.

If you want an anus-clenching experience, watch anything with the Oval Office and substitute Drumpf making the hard decision while advisors debate which is the best choice.  It’ll breath a whole new dynamic of terrible excitement into your movie choices.


Andrea said...

Well, they used to be made in the USA. More often than not these days, they're made in Toronto or British Columbia.

Big Murr said...

I slipped on my choice of words. More precisely, the shows are made by and for the USA. I have family in the Business, so I'm always amazed at where the movies are actually filmed. (Croatia, currently)

Anonymous said...

You're implying that there's ever been a competent politician?