Friday, 20 May 2016


Real people or shambling villains?

Like any new (or veteran, I imagine) blogger, I keep an eye on visitor traffic.  Not a lot of data is provided, but I suspect a goodly portion of my visitors are ne'er do wells.  Those quasi-literate minds that throw temptation into comment threads, dangling visions of huge wealth to be made in the comfort of one's own dwelling while lonely naked slavic beauties rub one's shoulders.

I can only guess that these arch criminals send their minions (breathing or digital) to peek into blogs for potential marks.  I can only further guess that they have no interest in a blog without comments, in the way a pickpocket wouldn't waste time wandering an empty pasture.

And so I wait, speculating if that click from Portugal is a citizen or a scoundrel...

(this doesn't count as a post, for anyone counting)

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