Wednesday, 20 July 2016

July 20, 1969 - SPACE ERA 47


We’re so lucky that a person of your caliber came along.  Someone with the genius and clarity of mind that makes you a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Thirteen seconds after the images of Neil Armstrong stepping on the Moon amazed the gullible, the USSR, Communist China and all the folks who consider the Americans annoying blowholes examined the evidence.  They had the IDENTICAL collection of photos, rocks and scientific facts you have in front of you.  A literal army of motivated intelligence analysts, astrophysicists, and engineers examined every piece of that evidence.  Any suggestion of shenanigans on the part of NASA would be a huge triumph, so the lights burned late into the night.  

To no avail.

There are no shortage of people around this planet who would love to score points off the USA, but no one ever seized on the clues staring them in the face!  Only someone with your laser-like focus spotted fluttering flags and misplaced shadows.  Only you possessed the scientific genius to spot the lethal impossibility of space travel. 

So, tinfoil hat off to you!  Thank you for keeping your concentration fixed on the problem that exists for nobody but you.  Thanks for not being distracted by your mother coming into the basement to do laundry!  Your revelations give the world a headache behind the left eye, but by crikey, it’s a world of truth!

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